About Us



Transport throughout Canada, the, USA United States and Mexico since February 1995.

We have over 110 owner-operators contracted to CLUB TRANSPORT F.O.B. INC., and affiliations with Canadian and American transport companies for whom we handle local dispatch and brokerage operations; this allows us to run their trucks as freely as our own.

With over 20000 units accessible through CLUB TRANSPORT F.O.B. INC. and with our network of selected carriers, we take pride in handling your freight with the greatest care and reliability. Our name and reputation depend on maintaining this quality service edge.

CLUB TRANSPORT F.O.B. INC. acknowledges that dependability is of vital importance in your everyday operations; consequently, we closely monitor your freight mile after mile and keep you informed of any developments, that may be critical to you.

Our promise of quality is simply to offer you the highest standard of transportation services possible.

Our quality promise

To give you the best experience, ie to be able to reduce your overall costs of logistics while concient the regularity and reliability of your operations are very important to you. We are committed to provide personalized transportation service and maintain attentive service your needs.

Our experience

Our company operates for over 22 years. With this time, we have established reliable procedures and most importantly, we are experts. For over 22 years, we maintain quality relationships with our carriers, ensuring a reliable transportation, a pickup and a livraisation on time, made a professional manner.